Small business is the backbone of the 33rd district. Currently, small businesses are struggling to borrow the money they need to sustain themselves through these tough economic times. I support Delaware’s economic development resources to extend more credit to viable small businesses. I support the use of tax incentives for small businesses to hire Delawareans. As a small business owner, I understand just how much these issues affect our economy as a whole. I will also work intensely to attract more business and industry to our district. We must have quality jobs in the 33rd district.

Natural Resources/Environment:
My family settled in Delaware in the late 1600′s and we have been farming ever since. Farmers are extremely environmentally minded. They must keep their land in good condition in order for that land to continue to produce crops for many years to come. I wholeheartedly support preserving our state’s unique natural resources, whether its farmland, beaches, bays or forests. I believe we need to continue to invest in open space and farmland preservation. I also believe that there is a delicate balance between environmental protection and economic development. Who better to keep this balance than a farmer? Currently, there is not a working farmer in House of Representatives and I hope to change this as agriculture plays such a pivotal role in Delaware’s economy. Agriculture and the environment will be one of my main focuses. I will work hard to protect our natural resources in Delaware. I also feel that we need to be proactive in our effort to find alternate sources of energy and protect our ground water. I support the recycling programs that the State has in place currently.

Our education system has vastly improved over the past few years. Delaware won the nationwide Race to the Top competition which has allowed for more innovative educational techniques.Teachers are the best resource we have to help improve our education system. We have qualified and motivated teachers here in Delaware. Their thoughts on how best to move Delaware’s education system forward must be heard. Put simply, I want all of the students in Delaware to be successful. If we want our children to value education, we must value education. We must be the kind of role models that influence them to choose a book over the newest video game.

Public Safety:
As a member of the Felton Fire Company, I understand what a significant contribution our firefighters, Police, Fire Police and all emergency workers make to the community. I will continue to support their needs and do my best to expand funding for public safety. Highway safety is a high priority to me. As a milk hauler, I see first-hand, every day, just how traffic flow affects our state. There are a variety of vehicles on our roads. I feel that the average driver doesn’t understand how difficult it is to stop a loaded truck, or to maneuver a motorcycle in heavy traffic. I feel that all driver’s education classes in the state should have a simulator that would teach the students what it is like to drive a tractor trailer or a motorcycle. I believe that doing so would teach the students to be better aware of all the situations that can occur on our highways.

Over Regulation:
My opponent feels that Boards & Commissions have too much regulatory power and feels that all regulatory changes should be sent to the legislature. I believe that doing what he proposes would significantly cripple the legislative process. I have a different approach. I support easier access for the public to address problematic regulations to the boards. Any citizen would be able to address a regulatory board to ask that board to reconsider their current regulations, then the board must act on the suggestion at their next meeting.